Natural Ways To Fight Colds

Natural Ways To Fight Colds

Winter is almost over but the air is still very much chilly increasing the number of people who are experiencing colds and influenza or what is commonly known as “the flu.” However, there are a lot of ways to prevent the acquisition of these diseases. Here at Wendy’s Wellness, we sell Ancient Greens which contains cold-fighting ingredients. This green smoothie and superfood mix is made up of wheatgrass, spirulina, moringa, and ginger root powder aside from its other nutritious and healthy ingredients. A glass of this powerful green drink will definitely boost up your immune system. Call us at (702)750-0820 for more information.

How Much Sleep Do We Need?

Did you know that lack of sleep can triple your chances of getting colds? A bad sleeping habit paired with an unhealthy diet can greatly affect your immune system. And when your immune system weakens, you are more susceptible to various diseases like colds and flu. Sleep loss is not just a determining factor on whether you could come down with a flu or cold, it also affects your body’s response to illnesses once you get infected.

That is because as you sleep, protective proteins called cytokines are released by your immune system. When you are in a lot of stress or are experiencing a bacterial or viral infection or an inflammation, your body needs an increase in cytokine production. Obviously, you need to sleep more in order to keep up with the demand. But when you are sleep-deprived, there would be a decrease in cytokine production and in addition, your antibodies and infection-fighting cells are also reduced. So basically, your body needs enough sleep to prevent and fight infectious diseases.

But worry not! If you are having trouble sleeping and you are not able to rest well, our Lavender Essential Oil can truly help! Its scent will keep you relaxed and dozed off in just minutes! Visit our store at 4450 N. Tenaya Way, #245 for a wide selection of essential oils for your every need.

Whole Food Las Vegas For A Better You

Take care of yourself and adapt a healthy lifestyle with our holistic health coach, Wendy Jarowslawski. Start taking great care of your health today and visit our store for a free consultation without any obligation to enroll or whatsoever! At Wendy’s Wellness, we only sell the best whole food Las Vegas has to offer. We only offer what’s best for you!