"Wendy Jarowslawski, owner and Dahn master, is a talented instructor with a peaceful studio full of light and calming energy. She uses aroma therapy with Young Living essential oils that really ads to the experience."

"Today, I had the chance to attend a Juice plus tower garden demonstration and Vegan Pot Luck here. What a cool addition to the usual offerings at the typical yoga studio. It was a fantastic experience! Looking forward to coming back for hot hula next!"
Nicole S.
"When I think of yoga, I think of positions that I would never be able to get into. Wendy does not do that kind of yoga, she has techniques and position ANYONE can do. She has helped me get back to being limber. She is a MASTER at this. She has created her studio for people that have not seen a work out fitness center in years. With her background and ability she can help anyone. Thanks Wendy for a job well done with me."
Dawn H.


Wendy's Wellness has YOU in mind! Through a concentrated effort allowing you to maximize goals and truly see REAL RESULTS both physically and mentally, I will stop at nothing to ensure your growth and lifelong WELLNESS success. All I need is for you to want it bad enough.

At the initial consultation, we will jointly set your goals for your lifestyle change helping you achieve healthy living through proper weight management and effective dietary practices. In addition, we will customize a food plan that will fit your lifestyle, be realistic in its structure, and consequently set conditions that WILL cause you to SHED POUNDS! YOU WILL SEE RESULTS if you follow the program, plain and simple. During the process we will meet weekly to map out your progression, tweak the plan as needed, and I will provide direct level accountability ensuring your successful transition. Put simply, through exercise and proper whole food diet management your WELLNESS pursuit and goals will be accomplished!

In a time where fast food and energy drinks seem to dominate our society, WELLNESS efforts have never been so important. Your life is at risk by the unhealthy choices and uneducated decisions you make daily as it pertains to your diet. For this, Wendy's Wellness is here. Don't delay. Make a decision today to get healthy and LIVE the life YOU DESERVE!

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